Recipes from Italy | All Authentic Italian Recipes

Recipes from Italy, here you can find all the authentic Italian recipes, from traditional, to modern, to basic. Made, tried and tasted in our home in Milan!

Recipes from Italy is the place where you can learn how to cook a dish like a native Italian. Genuine, authentic recipes, they are a lifestyle, our way of life in Italy!

Find out hundreds of Italian recipes that are easy, quick to make and really delicious!

Best Italian Desserts

Who doesn’t know what is Tiramisu! Here you can find the authentic recipe. The Tiramisu recipe that you would eat if you lived in Italy! But all Italian desserts are terrific. Like Sicilian Cannoli o Panna Cotta. So find out how to make our dessert recipes step by step!

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Pasta Recipes

Everyone loves a good plate of pasta! Find out our latest Italian pasta recipes. Deliciously made with love!

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Most Famous Risotto Recipes

Risotto is a traditional dish of northern Italian cuisine. Try some of our most famous risotto recipes. Find out how to cook risotto and what ingredients to use to make it perfect!

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Recipes from Italy: Vegetarian Dishes

Are you vegetarian? Many of the most famous Italian recipes are vegetarian. Find out what they are and how to do them.

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Basic Recipes of Italian Cuisine

In Recipes from Italy you can find all the basics of Italian cuisine. Like homemade pasta, gnocchi or tomato passata. The best Italian Chefs have always used these recipes to make their delicious dishes.

Recipes from Italy is where you can find out all the secrets of Italian cuisine!

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