Italian fruit tart recipe 4x3 1200x900

Italian Fruit Tart with Pastry Cream | Crostata di Frutta

Italian Fruit Tart is an Italian dessert cake made with fresh fruits and pastry cream. A classic recipe of Italian pastry, greedy and elegant, which everyone loves. You can make Italian fruit tart using fresh fruit of the type you prefer. You can use strawberries, kiwis, bananas, peaches, apricots … the important thing is that …

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authentic italian gelato recipe 4x3 1200x900

How to Make Authentic Italian Gelato at Home

Authentic Italian Gelato is a frozen creamy dessert made with milk, heavy cream and sugar. With or without eggs (depending on the taste), you can make dense creamy gelato at home, following a slow freezing/creaming process, usually with the help of an ice cream maker. Gelato in Italy is a true passion and a very …

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lemon torta caprese 4x3

Lemon Torta Caprese Recipe

Lemon Torta Caprese is an Italian sweet cake, very soft and with an intense lemon flavor. It’s the variant of the famous Torta Caprese made with dark chocolate. In Italy it’s often called Torta Caprese Bianca (White Caprese Cake) so as not to confuse it with the traditional variant made with dark chocolate. Lemon Torta …

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homemade ladyfingers recipe

How to Make Homemade Ladyfingers | Authentic Italian Savoiardi Recipe

Here are all the secrets to make homemade ladyfingers recipe! You will find out that homemade Ladyfingers are easy to make and taste much better than the ones you usually buy! Only three ingredients for a great biscuit. Try this step by step recipe! Homemade Ladyfingers or Savoiardi are typical biscuits of Italian pastry. Savoiardi …

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strawberry tiramisu recipe

Strawberry Tiramisu Recipe

You can think to Strawberry Tiramisu recipe as the spring version of the traditional Tiramisu. Tiramisù is a classic dessert of Italian cuisine, with a soft and creamy consistency, made of layers of Savoiardi soaked in coffee alternating with mascarpone cream and covered with cocoa. Among the many variations of this famous dessert, the most …

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Easter Eggs filled with Chocolate Ganache

Easter Eggs filled with Chocolate Ganache

Easter eggs filled with chocolate ganache are delicious and sure a different dessert for Easter dinner. The recipe is very simple: just get lots of dark chocolate, Easter eggs, butter and whipping cream. Ganache Cream is a dense and velvety cream made of dark chocolate, used in pastry to decorate and fill so many types …

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torta tenerina

Torta Tenerina | Italian Chocolate Brownie Recipe

Torta Tenerina is a very tasty Italian Dessert for chocolate lovers, born in Ferrara, a beautiful ancient city of Emilia Romagna region. It’s a thin chocolate cake, made with little flour, butter, milk, lots of dark chocolate and no yeast! It has a moist consistency and a tender heart, hence the name “tenerina” ( It. …

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italian apple cake

Italian Apple Cake Recipe. Light and Easy

Apple Cake is a classic dessert of Italian cuisine made with a few genuine and simple ingredients such as apples, lemon, butter, eggs, sugar and flour. This is an easy-to-make recipe, perfect for a quick and sweet snack, for a healthy breakfast or for dessert. Italian apple cake is certainly the most loved and known …

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tortelli di carnevale

Tortelli di Carnevale Milanesi | Italian Fried Dough Balls

Tortelli di Carnevale are delicious and fluffy fried dough balls coated with sugar. These typical Italian Carnival doughnuts are called Tortelli in Milan and central Italy, Castagnole in Emilia Romagna and Friuli Venezia Giulia, while in Venezia they are called Frìtole. These Italian fried dough balls are similar but not the same: the dough varies …

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pastry cream

Italian Pastry Cream Recipe | Crema Pasticcera

Italian pastry cream is made with milk, egg, and flour that are cooked together to create a rich and thick custard-like cream, flavoured with vanilla or lemon zest. Italian Pastry Cream (It: “Crema Pasticcera”, Fr: “Creme Patissiere”) is one of the basic ingredients used in many Italian desserts and cakes. It’s the creamy filling of many …

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