Italian Chocolate Chip Ricotta Cake

Chocolate Chip Ricotta Cake is a very easy and delicious dessert recipe. The peculiarity of this cake is the very soft and creamy texture that only the ricotta cheese can give.

In fact, there is no flour, yeast, butter or oil among the ingredients! It’s a gluten-free dessert, very nutritious but light at the same time.

The texture of this dessert is somewhere between a cake and a pudding. To make it fluffier and lighter, I used potato starch.

Italian chocolate chip ricotta cake

The combination of ricotta and chocolate is a classic one, often used in traditional Italian desserts. Like the delicious Sicilian cannoli or zuccotto, to name a few.

I flavored the cake mixture with a little lemon and orange zest.

Italian chocolate chip ricotta cake

I recommend this simple and delicious cake for a snack, breakfast or a tasty break with a cup of tea or hot chocolate. It’s also perfect as a dinner party dessert!

The basic requirement is the freshness and excellent quality of the ingredients, especially the ricotta.

Let’s make this delicious chocolate ricotta cake together! I am sure it will win you over.

Italian chocolate chip ricotta cake


  • Prep Time: 10 Min
  • Cook Time: 50 Min
  • Servings: 6

Doses for a 20 cm (8 inch) non-stick Springform Pan 

Italian chocolate chip ricotta cake

Kitchen Tools and Equipment

Due to the simplicity of the recipe, there is no need for the use of any specific tools.

Chocolate Chip Ricotta Cake Recipe: Instructions

chocolate chip ricotta cake step 1

Step 1) – Place the eggs and sugar in a large bowl. Whip on medium speed for a few minutes, then increase to high speed. Whisk until the mixture is puffy, clear and frothy.

chocolate chip ricotta cake step 2

Step 2) – Add the ricotta cheese. Coarsely break it up with a spoon. Then beat it into the eggs at low speed. Whisk until you have a smooth cream.

chocolate chip ricotta cake step 3

Step 3) – Add the dark chocolate chips. Mix well so that the chips are spread throughout the mixture.

chocolate chip ricotta cake step 4

Step 4) – Now add the sifted potato starch. Slowly stir it into the mixture. Finally, if you like, you can flavor the cream cake to your liking (see Variations). I chose a mix of orange and lemon zest.

chocolate chip ricotta cake step 5

Step 5) – Pour the mixture into a cake pan about 20 cm (8 inches) in diameter lined with baking paper. Level with a spoon.

chocolate chip ricotta cake step 6

Step 6) – Bake in a preheated, ventilated oven at 170°C (338°F) for about 50 minutes.

PLEASE NOTE: The Ricotta with Chocolate Chip Cake will bake in about 50 minutes, but it’s always a good idea to check the baking with a toothpick. If the surface is too dark but the cake still does not look cooked, cover it with aluminum foil in the last few minutes.

When the cake is done, remove it from the oven and let it cool before serving.

IMPORTANT: Allow the Chocolate Chip Ricotta Cake to cool completely before removing it from the mold. The cake is very creamy and could easily break while still warm. As it cools, it will set and solidify more.

Italian chocolate chip ricotta cake



You can keep Chocolate Chip Ricotta Cake in a cool place for about 3 days. But in hot weather or in the summer, it’s best to keep it in the refrigerator.

Chocolate Chip ricotta Cake: Tips and variations

  • RICOTTA: Any type of ricotta will work for this recipe, as long as it’s very fresh and of excellent quality. I used sheep’s milk ricotta because it’s tastier and often drier than cow’s milk ricotta. In addition, its slightly salty flavor provides a pleasant contrast. However, if you prefer a milder taste, substitute the sheep’s ricotta with cow’s ricotta. Also remember that if the ricotta is not dry and firm, it’s best to leave it in a sieve for about half an hour to remove excess liquid before using it in the preparation.
  • As mentioned above, it’s not necessary to flavor this creamy ricotta cake. The combination of chocolate and ricotta creates a really delicious and appetizing taste in itself. However, if you want to enrich the cake and make it different from time to time, I suggest some flavorings that go well with ricotta and chocolate.
  • LEMON: Citrus gives a very special fresh and aromatic taste. I have chosen a combination of orange and lemon. You can opt for fresh and fragrant lemon zest alone, perhaps more suitable for summer.
  • ORANGE: Or you can choose orange zest, which creates a special flavor with dark chocolate. A classic combination for winter desserts. Remember not to overdose. 1/3 tablespoon of grated zest is enough, the taste should not be too strong and should not cover the flavor of the ricotta and the chocolate.
  • VANILLA: Vanilla flavoring is often used in this dessert, as it blends well with the ingredients and adds a wonderful aroma. Even with vanilla, do not overdo it. Three drops of liquid flavoring or half a sachet of vanillin powder will do.
  • HONEY: Another very tasty flavor is honey. You can add two tablespoons to the mixture. In this case, use only 100 grams of sugar.
  • CINNAMON: Finally, an unfailing flavor in winter and especially at Christmas time is cinnamon. It goes well with both ricotta and dark chocolate. 1/3 teaspoon is the dose I recommend.
  • COCOA POWDER: To decorate the creamy ricotta and chocolate cake, you can sprinkle the surface with some more chocolate chips or powdered sugar. For a less sweet taste and a different look, you can use bitter cocoa powder.

Italian chocolate chip ricotta cake

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