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Authentic Italian Recipe

Amatriciana is a famous pasta recipe in Roman trattorias and restaurants. Because of this, many people think it’s a dish that was created in Rome. Actually, the recipe has its origins in Amatrice (hence the name), a small town in the Rieti area.

– guanciale – tomatoes – chili pepper – dry white wine  – fine salt – spaghetti or bucatini – Pecorino Romano cheese

How to Make It


First cut the guanciale into strips. Then put the chili pepper in the pan and add the guanciale.

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Sauté the guanciale (about 5 min). Add the white wine (optional). Keep the high heat and let it evaporate.


Add the peeled tomatoes with their sauce.


Crush the tomatoes and add a pinch of fine salt. Cook Amatriciana sauce for 10 minutes on medium heat.


Cook spaghetti in plenty of salted water. Drain al dente and pour them into the pan with Amatriciana sauce.

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Stir and add grated pecorino romano. Authentic Italian Amatriciana is ready!