Coffee Mascarpone Cream in Chocolate Cookie Cups

Coffee Mascarpone Cream is an excellent and easy-to-make dessert, served in single-portion glass cups or in small cups made of chocolate biscuits, as we will explain in this recipe.

For this Italian dessert, neither eggs nor cooking are needed. This delicious cream made with mascarpone and coffee is excellent for making lighter tiramisu, a valid alternative to the classic tiramisu recipe made with eggs.

So here we’ll show you how to make the chocolate cookies cups filled with a delicious mascarpone cream flavored with coffee.

Mascarpone coffee cream is even excellent served with drops of dark chocolate, Savoiardi ladyfingers or berries.

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Coffee Mascarpone Cream Recipe

  • Prep Time: 20 Min
  • Cook Time: 3 Min + 3 H rest
  •  Yields : 6


For the Cream

For chocolate cookies cups

How to Make Coffee Mascarpone Cream

Coffee Mascarpone Cream step 1

Step 1) – To make mascarpone cream with coffee, first of all make the coffee and let it cool. Meanwhile whip the cream, then set it aside. Now place in a bowl mascarpone, icing sugar, a pinch of salt and the cold coffee. Mix and work the ingredients.

Coffee Mascarpone Cream step 2

Step 2) – Move the mixture in a stand mixer bowl and mix all the ingredients for 4/5 minutes or until you have a smooth and soft cream.

Coffee Mascarpone Cream step 3

Step 3) – Add the whipped cream little by little to the mixture, stirring gently, with a movement from the bottom upwards.

Coffee Mascarpone Cream step 4

Step 4) Now your delicious cream is ready. Cover it with cling film and leave in the refrigerator until ready to serve. When it’s time to serve this delicious dessert, gently remove the cling film and fill some little cups such as our Chocolate Cookie Cups.

How to Make Chocolate Cookie Cups

chocolate cookie cups step 1

Step 1) – Now we’ll show you how to make delicious cups made with dark chocolate biscuits that you can break and eat with coffee mascarpone cream. So melt the butter in a double boiler then pour it in a food processor with the chocolate cookies.

chocolate cookie cups step 2

Step 2) Mince cocoa cookies and butter until the mixture is smooth.

chocolate cookie cups step 3

Step 3) – Set the mixture into a bowl and let it rest in the refrigerator for half an hour, so that it would be easier to mold. Meanwhile, cover the inside of some silicone cups with cling film. Then mold the mixture into the bowls forming a layer of about half hinch, making sure that it sticks. Now put the Chocolate Cookie Cups in the refrigerator for at least 2 hours.

chocolate cookie cups step 4

Step 4) – Just before serving, fill the chocolate cookie cups with the cream, sprinkle with cocoa powder, then decorate with raspberries.


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