Baked Monkfish with lemon, rosemary and bread crumbs

Baked Monkfish with Lemon, Rosemary and Bread Crumbs

Baked Monkfish with lemon, rosemary and bread crumbs is a light and easy-to-cook fish recipe, for everyday family dinners or to amaze your guests with a quick and easy dish. Monkfish is a delicate fish with white flesh. Very nutritious, without thorns, perfect even for children. Monkfish fillets are often compared to lobster. The monkfish …

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sea bass baked in foil

Sea Bass Baked in Foil Ligurian-Style

Sea bass baked in foil Ligurian Style is a very simple Italian fish recipe, full of Mediterranean taste and aromas, made with potatoes, cherry tomatoes and olives. Rich in flavors but light and low in calories. The foil cooking method, in fact, allows you to use very few condiments. Flavors remain intense and food properties …

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fish ragu recipe

Fish Ragu Recipe

Fish Ragu is a very tasty pasta sauce, a typical Mediterranean –Italian fish recipe. There are many variations of fish ragu, depending on regional uses and fish available. Fish Ragu, unlike the meat ragu Bolognese, does not require many hours of cooking. In fact it takes just over an hour, the time needed to cook …

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fried anchovies italian

Breaded Fried Anchovies Italian Recipe

Breaded fried anchovies Italian recipe, a crispy and greedy dish made with cleaned fresh anchovies, battered by dipping in beaten eggs, breaded with homemade breadcrumbs and then fried in plenty of vegetable oil until golden brown on each side. It’s a method very much like the one for making chicken cutlets Italian-style. When we think …

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cuttlefish with peas

Squid with Peas Recipe

Squid with peas is an easy fish recipe, whether you start with fresh products or use frozen ones. In the second case, avoiding to shell the peas and clean the squids, the process will be faster. The squids usually are cooked in a thousand ways: baked, stewed, grilled, stuffed, with tomato or salad. In this …

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octopus and potato salad

Italian Octopus and Potato Salad

Italian Octopus and Potato Salad is an easy recipe, made with few simple ingredients that must be of excellent quality. It is made of tender octopus and potato cubes, fragrant and fresh parsley, extra virgin olive oil and lemon juice. You can find Octopus and Potato Salad recipe in all Italian seafood and fish restaurants …

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Cream of cauliflower soup with salt cod

Cream of Cauliflower with Salt Cod

Cream of Cauliflower with Salt Codis a complete tasty dish made with cauliflower, salt cod, shallot and milk. Cauliflower is a typical vegetable of the winter season. You can make many dishes with it such as meatballs with cauliflower, pasta with cauliflower au gratin, fried cauliflower batter or, as in the case of this recipe, …

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creamed salt cod with potatoes

Creamed Salt Cod with Potatoes

Creamed Salt Cod with Potatoes (Baccalà Mantecato con Patate) is a very tasty and simple dish. It’s a typical recipe of traditional Ligurian cuisine, in particular of the geographical area of Imperia. In Italy you can taste creamed salt cod in every restaurant near Imperia area as an hors d’oeuvre or as a main course. Creamed Salt …

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Calamari Stew with Tomatoes and garlic bruschetta

Calamari Stew with Tomatoes and Garlic Bruschetta

Calamari Stew with Tomatoes and Garlic Bruschetta is a fast and easy Italian recipe a second dish very agreeable and light. For those who love calamari recipes, this dish is a guarantee of success. Enjoy calamari with an aromatic and tasty sauce and with some crisp slices of garlic toasted bread. Calamari Stew with Tomatoesis …

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Sea Bass Fillets with Zucchini and Potatoes

Sea Bass Fillets with Zucchini and Potatoes

Sea Bass Fillets with Potatoes and Zucchini recipe at first glance looks like a lasagna. In fact, this recipe is made from layers of sea bass fillets, zucchini and potatoes (cut into thin slices) but WITHOUT fresh homemade pasta. Sea Bass Fillets with Zucchini and Potatoes is a very easy and quick recipe. It can be …

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