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Appetizer Recipes

Appetizers are the dishes that come before the main course. This category is very broad and includes delicious and appetizing recipes.

In Italy there are two main categories of Appetizers: meat or salami (Antipasti di terra) and fish and seafood (Antipasti di mare).
The traditional Italian “antipasto” is made of cold cuts such as ham, salami, bresaola, coppa and culatello. Often matched with vegetables in oil or in vinegar such as artichokes, mushrooms, cucumbers and onions or grilled vegetables with sauces.

You can make appetizer recipes as aperitif, served standing before sitting at the table. They are very small portions, hot or cold, that you can take with your fingers. They are croutons, canapés, savory puffs, small pizzas or little sandwiches.

Are you looking for simple and delicious appetizer recipes to amaze all your guests? Enter and discover our recipes for your cold or hot appetizers!