tomato passata recipe

Tomato Passata Recipe | How to Make Italian Tomato passata

Tomato passata is like a tomato puree made with very ripe red tomatoes that have been strained from seeds and skins. Stored in glass jars or bottles WITHOUT the addition of preservatives, flavorings, salt or water. Sometimes it comes with some fresh basil leaves but nothing more. In short, the authentic Italian tomato passata is …

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fish ragu recipe

Fish Ragu Recipe

Fish Ragu is a very tasty pasta sauce, a typical Mediterranean –Italian fish recipe. There are many variations of fish ragu, depending on regional uses and fish available. Fish Ragu, unlike the meat ragu Bolognese, does not require many hours of cooking. In fact it takes just over an hour, the time needed to cook …

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bolognese sauce

Bolognese Sauce Recipe

Bolognese Sauce (Ragù alla Bolognese) is a meat pasta sauce that usually seasones fresh pasta or polenta. The Italian word “ragù” comes from the French “ragôuter” which can be translated as “awaken the appetite”. The word “Bolognese” comes from Bologna, a city in Emilia Romagna region. Widespread throughout Emilia Romagna, not only in Bologna, it …

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basic tomato sauce recipe

Tomato Sauce with Fresh Tomatoes

Tomato sauce with fresh tomatoes is an easy and tasty pasta sauce, made with cluster tomatoes or San Marzano. Choose very fresh tomatoes, red ripe but firm and free of spots. With them we’ll make a tomato passata which we’ll cook with a delicious soffritto, herbs and spices. Once ready, enjoy your tomato sauce to …

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Original Pesto Genovese Recipe

Pesto Genovese | Authentic Italian Basil Pesto

Pesto Genovese is an uncooked cold sauce made only with 7 ingredients: Genovese basil DOP, extra virgin olive oil (Possibly of the Ligurian Riviera), Parmigiano Reggiano (or Grana Padano), Pecorino cheese (Fiore Sardo), pine nuts, garlic and salt. It was born in Liguria, a beautiful region situated in northern Italy. It’s one of the sauces …

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béchamel sauce

Béchamel Sauce (Besciamella) | How to Make Italian White Sauce

Béchamel sauce (besciamella in Italian) has French origin and has become part of Italian culinary tradition for a very long time.  It’s also known as White Sauce or Mother Sauce because many sauces are made with béchamel as a base, such as Mornay, which is a somewhat richer version. It is a smooth, white sauce …

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amatriciana pasta recipe

Amatriciana Sauce | Pasta Amatriciana Recipe

Pasta Amatriciana recipe (Pasta all’Amatriciana) is a famous first course of Roman trattorias and restaurants, originally born in Amatrice, a small town in the district of Rieti. The ingredients are basically four: red pepper, pecorino romano, guanciale and peeled  tomatoes. Other ingredients, such as garlic and onion, are not present in the authentic Pasta Amatriciana …

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arugula pesto recipe

Arugula Pesto Recipe

Arugula pesto is a sauce that we use to flavor all kinds of pasta: spaghetti, tagliatelle, rigatoni and even gnocchi. We used this recipe to make Potato gnocchi with gorgonzola. Delicious! Arugula pesto is typically slightly bitter than others pesto sauces, such as basil pesto (Pesto Genovese). On the other hand, we know that rocket …

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