Vegetable Stock Recipe

Vegetable stock recipe is a basic preparation in Italian Cuisine, made with water and vegetable, usually parsley, tomatoes, celery, carrot, onion and potato. However there are Vegetable stock variants that include the use of other vegetables.

Vegetable stock recipe has a cooking time of about 45 minutes. It’s quite clear and low in fat. It’s an ally in the kitchen when you want to use less oil and still get tasty recipes. It’s also a base for many recipes, such as risotto recipes.

You can use the vegetables cooked in vegetable stock as a side dish, seasoning them with a little olive oil and salt, or as a first course dish, making a great vegetable soup.

vegetable stock

Vegetable Stock Recipe

  • Prep Time: 15 Min
  • Cook Time: 1 H
  • Yelds:8


  • 4 liters of water (17 cups)
  • 2 potatoes medium size
  • 2 white onions medium size
  • 2 carrots
  • 2 stalks of celery
  • 1 big tomato
  • 5 sprigs of parsley
  • 1 tablespoon of coarse salt


vegetable stock

Wash all the vegetables under running cold water. Cut off the extremities of the carrots and peel onions. Then cut all the vegetables into large pieces (1). Place them in a large pot and fill it with 4 liters of fresh water (2). Add the coarse salt (3).

Put the pot on the stove and bring to a boil. Lower the heat to low and simmer slowly 45 minutes, covered (4).After the cooking time, turn off the heat and drain the vegetables (5). Then drain the broth through a fine mesh strainer (6).

You can use right away or let it cool and refrigerate.

The Vegetable Stock will keep for 3-4 days or so in the refrigerator. Alternatively you can freeze it. In this way it is preserved for 3 months.

4 thoughts on “Vegetable Stock Recipe”

  1. Hi, to my knowledge here in the US, a stalk of celery is, as you said, one “stick.” A bunch of celery is just that, a bunch of stalks attached at the bottom. And thanks so much for the great Italian recipes 🙂

  2. I want to try this. When you say stalk of celery do you mean two bunches or just two pieces? Seems there is a variance in the way Americans define and Europeans define it. Also, if I wanted to make it and use the veggies for a first course soup but needing to make it 3 times larger (for 8 people) would I cut down anything in my endeavor? Trying to make authentic Italian foods, lived there back in the late 80’s and just hard to find stuff here that tastes the same. Making Tomato Passato from 60 pounds of Roma tomatoes right now and will can them up for future use. THANKS!

    • Hi Tom!

      Well I would say that for 2 stalks of celery I mean 2 pieces / ribs / sticks. Sorry but in fact sometimes we get the words wrong. Tell me what would be the most correct word in this case.

      As for the soup, made with the stock vegetables, it depends on how many people you need it. Let’s assume for 4 people: I would use 1 potato, 1 onion, I would keep 2 carrots, I would increase the celery with 3/4 sticks (?), 1 large tomato is fine or 2/3 small, finally parsley. But then I would add 1 zucchini and 1 leek. In this way you have a very good and balanced vegetable stock, plus with the vegetables you make the soup. I would also make a soffritto with 1 whole peeled clove of garlic, that I remove before adding the vegetables. Add the boiled chopped vegetables, let them flavor in oil, then add 1 or 2 ladle of stock. Season with salt if necessary, blend and enjoy!

      Let us know how you was your tomato passata! Ciao!


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