Dolce di Amalfi

Sal De Riso, a famous Neapolitan pastry chef, use a dome shape to make this cake and now in Italy it became the classic form for this dessert. The great pastry chef calls this cake “Dolce di Amalfi” in homage to his land and its products and to the sun that warms them, hence the choice of the hemisphere ball cake pan.

How to Make It


Make a Lemon Buttercream

Add the lemon zest to the butter at room temperature. Mix well, to make a smooth, soft flavored butter and lemon cream.

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Place the buttercream and lemon zest in a bowl and add the powdered sugar. Now add the eggs one at a time and beat on high speed.

Add the Eggs


Mix the Flours

Meanwhile, in another bowl, mix the baking powder with the flour and sift them together. 

Then add the almond flour and potato starch.


Now add two tablespoons of the flour mixture to the butter and egg cream, keeping mixing on low speed.


Then add the milk, mixing slowly. Finally incorporate the rest of the flours. Mix well for about 2 minutes

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Prepare the Cake Pan


Grease it very well all over with butter and then sprinkle it with corn flour. 




Pour the cake batter into the cake pan and level it well. To keep the hemisphere ball cake pan from moving or wobbling while baking, we recommend placing it in the oven on top of a circle made with aluminum foil.

Bake in a preheated oven at 160° C (320 F ) for about 1 hour.


Turn off the oven and leave the lemon almond cake in the semi-open oven for 2 to 3 minutes. Let it rest at room temperature about 20 minutes before flipping it over.

Let it Cool


Decorate with plenty of powdered sugar and serve.