Cacio e Pepe

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With just 3 Ingredients!

Precisely because there are only two ingredients besides pasta, the difficulty lies in balancing them perfectly and in creating a cacio e pepe sauce that is flavorful and creamy just right.


–  Spaghetti or Bucatini – Pecorino Romano – whole black peppercorns

How to Make It


Grate the Pecorino Romano. When ready, set aside in a bowl. Then grind the black peppercorns. For this you can use a pestle, a meat pounder or a pepper grinder.

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Toast the ground pepper in a large skillet over medium heat. Stir occasionally and check to make sure it doesn’t burn.


Boil the water with very little coarse salt (maximum 1/2 tablespoon) to cook the pasta. 

When the water boils, put in the spaghetti. Let the pasta cook for about 5 minutes.


Meanwhile add 2 ladles of pasta cooking water to the toasted black pepper and turn the heat under the skillet to low.


After the first 5 minutes of cooking, now is the time to transfer the pasta from the pot to the skillet. The spaghetti should FINISH COOKING IN THE SKILLET with the pepper.



Check the cooking time on the spaghetti package. Add another ladle of pasta water if needed and stir to get even cooking.

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While the pasta is cooking, make the Pecorino cream. Pour a ladleful of the starchy cooking water over the grated pecorino cheese and stir quickly.


Once the spaghetti are cooked, turn off the heat, wait about half a minute and then add the pecorino cream a little at a time. Stir in the spaghetti evenly. Spaghetti cacio e pepe recipe is ready!