lemon torta caprese 4x3

Lemon Torta Caprese Recipe

Lemon Torta Caprese is an Italian sweet cake, very soft and with an intense lemon flavor. It’s the variant of the famous Torta Caprese made with dark chocolate. In Italy it’s often called Torta Caprese Bianca (White Caprese Cake) so as not to confuse it with the traditional variant made with dark chocolate. Lemon Torta …

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white chocolate fruit tart

White Chocolate Fruit Tart

White chocolate fruit tart, a delicious dessert made with a base of shortcrust pastry shell filled with a lot of white chocolate cream and finally topped with fruit, chocolate drops and a sprinkle of icing sugar. As fruit we opted for the colorful berries: red currants and raspberries. But you can add your favorite fruit, …

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