20 Best Italian Recipes (The Most Cooked in Italy)

Have you ever wondered what are the most cooked Italian recipes in Italy? The most famous, those recipes that are part of the Italian culinary tradition? Those recipes that everyone in Italy knows and has cooked at least once in a lifetime?

They are a series of typical dishes that are often cooked in Italian families. Especially at dinner or on Sundays, when there is more time to devote to the stove. They are those dishes that only an Italian, living in Italy or abroad, immediately recognizes. Because they are part of his culture.

Pasta carbonara, tiramisu and lasagna, but also polenta, pizza and risotto. These are just some of the best known and most famous dishes. But the list is long.

Here are the 20 best Italian recipes, the most cooked in Italy. Dishes you absolutely must try. These are easy, comforting and super classic Italian recipes. For each we have pointed you to the most suitable recipe to reproduce at home. Give them a try!

20 Best Italian Recipes


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